70th Anniversary

Dear EAAP members,

since 1949, EAAP has represented an essential point of reference for animal science dissemination. During these 70 years the members of our community have strongly contributed to develop the important role of the organisation through several events, publications and activities. We would like to highlight the most relevant steps in EAAP’S history in a short video created by our staff.


70th EAAP Annual Meeting
26 / 30 August 2019 - Ghent, Belgium

2019 Book of Abstracts

Our awardees in Ghent:

  • Leroy Award: Phil Garnsworthy (UK)
  • Distinguished Service Award: Antonella Baldi (Italy)
  • Distinguished Service Award: Mike Coffey (UK)
  • Distinguished Service Award: Eva Ugarte (Spain)
  • Young Scientist Award: Marcin Pszczola (Poland)

H. Wilhelm Schaumann Stiftung Scholarship:

  • Baazaoui Imen (Tunisia)

Animal Journal Scholarship winner:

  • Kathrin Halli (Germany)

EAAP Scholarships winners:

  • ELKE Humer (Austria)
  • BRIENE Petra (Belgium)
  • KOWALSKI Eline (Belgium)
  • DERU Vanille (France)
  • BRINKE Ines (Germany)
  • REINTKE Jessica (Germany)
  • DAHL Nina (Germany)
  • DALLASHEH Areen (Israel)
  • COSTA Angela (Italy)
  • MENEGUZ Marco (Italy)
  • LOPREIATO Vincenzo (Italy)
  • CHHAIBI Hamid (Morocco)
  • PAIXAO Gustavo (Portugal)
  • LAKHSSASSI Kenza (Spain)
  • EL HADI Abdelaali (Spain)
  • TURKMEN Serhat (Spain)
  • LU Haibo (The Netherlands)
  • OTTOSEN Matthias (UK)