The European Federation
of Animal Science

We promote research, discussion, debate and dissemination of high quality and relevant animal science findings amongst the scientific communities, the livestock industry, civil society and groups with interests in livestock production.

Scientific reasearch

Part of EAAP’s mission is to disseminate animal science and related research results. Here you can find publications with the latest and most important science research results.

Young Club

The European platform where all scientists, during their early career, meet and share their experiences, expectations and aspirations. Expand your scientific networks through social media and EAAP meetings.

Individual members

Become a member of the European animal science community and increase your network, get discounts for scientific sessions and workshops, publish and access updated technical information, and much more.


News and Events

all-day 7th IDELE Grand Angle Lait Confe...
7th IDELE Grand Angle Lait Confe...
Apr 7 all-day
7th edition of the “Grand Angle Lait” Conference, organized by the French Livestock Institute (IDELE), will take place at  Espace Van Gogh – 62 Quai de la Rapée in Paris, France, on April 7th. Detailed[...]
all-day 8th IDF International symposium ...
8th IDF International symposium ...
May 4 – May 5 all-day
The 8th IDF International symposium on sheep, goat and other non-cow milk will take place in Brussels, Belgium on the 4 and 5 May 2020. Presentations will describe the latest scientific advances about milk originating from[...]
all-day 38th Discover Conference – AUTOM...
38th Discover Conference – AUTOM...
May 11 – May 13 all-day
The 38th Discover Conference – AUTOMATION IN THE DAIRY INDUSTRY will be held May 11-13, 2020 at the Eaglewood Resort & Spa in Itasca, IL The program will bring together researchers, industry partners, producers, and government to discuss[...]
all-day VISIONS III Star Gazing the Gala...
VISIONS III Star Gazing the Gala...
May 19 – May 20 all-day
The VISIONS III Star Gazing the Galaxy of Animal Genetics and Genomics will take place in Ames, Iowa, 19-20 May 2020. A look into the future! Plenary  talks and extensive discussions. Attendance limited to 150[...]
all-day XX Reunión Nacional de Mejora Ge...
XX Reunión Nacional de Mejora Ge...
Jun 3 – Jun 5 all-day
The XX Reunión Nacional de Mejora Genética Animal will take place at the ETS de Ingeniería Agronómica, Alimentaria y de Biosistemas, EDIFICIO PRINCIPAL-Salón de actos in Madrid, Spain, from 3rd to 5th June 2020. Information[...]
all-day WMC – World Meat Congress 2020, ...
WMC – World Meat Congress 2020, ...
Jun 10 – Jun 12 all-day
The WMC – World Meat Congress 2020 has been rescheduled for June 23-25, 2021. Detalied information is available on the WMC website.
all-day 6th International Conference of ...
6th International Conference of ...
Jun 14 – Jun 19 all-day
In 2020 ICQG6 will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, in Brisbane, Australia. The 6th International Conference of Quantitative Genetics (ICQG6) will bring together researchers in agriculture, human health, natural species and evolutionary[...]
all-day Large Animal Genetic Engineering...
Large Animal Genetic Engineering...
Jun 14 – Jun 17 all-day
The LAGE (Large Animal Genetic Engineering) Summit will be held at the Chateaux Deer Valley, Park City, Utah, on June 14th-17th, 2020. Detailed information and registration is available on the website of the event.
all-day 2020 ADSA Annual Meeting
2020 ADSA Annual Meeting
Jun 21 – Jun 24 all-day
The 2020 Annual Meeting of the American Dairy Science Association® (ADSA®) will be held in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida, and is the most comprehensive dairy science meeting in the world. As a global forum[...]
all-day FAO-IAEA International Symposium...
FAO-IAEA International Symposium...
Jun 22 – Jun 26 all-day
The Symposium will be held in Vienna from 22 to 26 June 2020 and the objectives are to provide information and share knowledge on modern and novel technologies in animal production and health, and their[...]
all-day UFAW Animal Welfare Conference
UFAW Animal Welfare Conference
Jul 1 all-day
The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) is holding the 7th of its series of one day conferences on ‘Recent advances in animal welfare science’ on 1st July 2020. This meeting aims to provide a[...]
all-day 2020 ASAS-CSAS Annual Meeting an...
2020 ASAS-CSAS Annual Meeting an...
Jul 19 – Jul 23 all-day
The Annual Meeting and Trade Show will be held in Madison, Wisconsin from 19 to 23 July 2020. For information and registration visit the Annual Meeting website.   

EAAP invites you to check the validity of the dates for every single event published in the Calendar, due to the state of sanitary emergency that the world is currently dealing with.

Study Commissions

Learn more about EAAP’s Scientific Structure and the Commissions Working Groups.

EAAP journey from past to future

Since 1949, EAAP has represented an essential point of reference for animal science dissemination.

During these 70 years the members of our community have strongly contributed to develop the important role of the organisation through several events, publications and activities.

We would like to highlight the most relevant steps in EAAP’S history in a short video created by our staff.

1999-2019 Twenty years of history

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