Studi Commissions Open Positions

Application for Posts of EAAP Commission Officers (2019)

Every EAAP member is invited to participate actively in the life of EAAP by
joining one of the Study Commissions.
There are elections for the vacant posts in the EAAP Commissions and you
are encouraged to apply or to suggest to possible candidates.
Please do not forget that joining EAAP Study Commissions will help you to
create your own European animal science network and to cooperate with best
scientists on our continent.

For this year the open positions are:


HEALTH AND WELFARE 1 President  + 1 Secretary
NUTRITION 1 President  + 1 Secretary + 1 Vice  President
GENETIC 1 Secretary
CATTLE 2 Secretaries

+ 1 Industry Representative

LFS 1 President + 1 Vice President

+ 1 Secretary


SHEEP AND GOAT + 1 Industry Representative
PIG 1 President + 2 Vice President
HORSE 1 Vice President+ 1 Industry Representative
PHYSIOLOGY 1 Vice President
PLF 1 President +2 Vice Presidents + 1 Secretary
INSECTS 1 Vice President



You know well that the activities of the Study Commissions are essential for the life of our organization and I invite you therefore to submit your candidature or to invite your colleagues to submit their candidatures. Decisions about the available positions will be taken in Ghent during the Business meetings.


For those interested the deadline to apply is 31st July  2019.

Please submit the application form  (with attached CV) by email to .


70th EAAP Annual Meeting – 26 August – 30 August 2019– Ghent, Belgium

Our awardees in Ghent:

Leroy Award: Phil Garnsworthy (UK)

Distinguished Service Award: Antonella Baldi (Italy)

Distinguished Service Award: Mike Coffey (UK)

Distinguished Service Award: Eva Ugarte (Spain)

Young Scientist Award: Marcin Pszczola (Poland)

H. Wilhelm Schaumann Stiftung Scholarship:

Baazaoui Imen (Tunisia)

Animal Journal Scholarship winner:

Kathrin Halli (Germany)

EAAP Scholarships winners:

ELKE Humer Austria
BRIENE Petra Belgium
KOWALSKI Eline Belgium
DERU Vanille France
BRINKE Ines Germany
REINTKE Jessica Germany
DAHL Nina Germany
DALLASHEH Areen Israel
COSTA Angela Italy
MENEGUZ Marco Italy
LOPREIATO Vincenzo Italy
CHHAIBI Hamid Morocco
PAIXAO Gustavo Portugal
EL HADI Abdelaali Spain
TURKMEN Serhat Spain
LU Haibo the Netherlands