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Expression of conditioned preference for low-quality food in sheep is modulated by foraging costs by F. Catanese, R. A. Distel and J. J. Villalba. Past positive experiences can increase herbivores’ motivation to eat low-quality foods. However, this is not always translated into a higher preference for low-quality foods in choice tests among foods of higher nutritional quality. Foraging behavior is also affected by properties of the feeding context because the quality and abundance of foods in nature change in time and space. To continue to read the article please click:


EAAP has organised the next RuminOmics Regional Workshop in Budapest, Hungary. We invite farming and breeding organisations, extension workers, research scientists, NGOs and policy makers to attend.

The aim of the workshop is to provide an overview of the ambitions and outputs from the project and to present the relationship between the animal genome, the rumen microbiota and nutrition. We will discuss how this knowledge can be used to inform animal breeding, feeding and management to lower the environmental footprint of ruminant livestock production and improve feed conversion efficiency and product quality.

Programme and list of speakers are available at:

Date: 14:00 28th September – 16:00 29th September 2015
Venue: Best Western Hotel Hungaria – Budapest, Hungary (map:

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The 1st Animine Academy in Paris (France) September 10th – 11th.

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