EAAP Young Scientists Award

EAAP will grant to early career researchers the “EAAP Young Scientists Award”. All scientists who are born after 1 September 1981 can participate. The candidates should be EAAP individual members and should have demonstrated outstanding research performance with the European dimension and perspective. The awardee will receive a plate in Ghent and will be invited to present a paper at the following Annual Meeting in Porto 2020 together with a free registration.

Nominations must be submitted to the EAAP office (eleonora@eaap.org) from January to May 15th 2019.

The application shall be accompanied by the documents below:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • European experience (if not in CV) such as participation in EU projects or benefiting EU grants
  • List of scientific publications and of products (e.g. patents)
  • List of eventual presentations at the EAAP Annual Meetings
  • Letter of support by another Individual Member
  • Eventual EAAP related scholarships received.



70th EAAP Annual Meeting – 26 August – 30 August 2019– Ghent, Belgium

Application for Posts of EAAP Commission Officers (2019)

Every EAAP member is invited to participate actively in the life of EAAP by
joining one of the Study Commissions.
There are elections for the vacant posts in the EAAP Commissions and you
are encouraged to apply or to suggest to possible candidates.
Please do not forget that joining EAAP Study Commissions will help you to
create your own European animal science network and to cooperate with best
scientists on our continent.

For this year the open positions are:


HEALTH AND WELFARE 1 President  + 1 Secretary
NUTRITION 1 President  + 1 Secretary + 1 Vice  President
GENETIC 1 Secretary
CATTLE 2 Secretaries

+ 1 Industry Representative

LFS 1 President + 1 Vice President

+ 1 Secretary


SHEEP AND GOAT + 1 Industry Representative
PIG 1 President + 2 Vice President
HORSE 1 Vice President+ 1 Industry Representative
PHYSIOLOGY 1 Vice President
PLF 1 President +2 Vice Presidents + 1 Secretary
INSECTS 1 Vice President

For those interested the deadline to apply is 15th July  2019.

The elections will be taken place in Ghent during the Business meetings.

Please submit the application form (with attached CV) by email to eleonora@eaap.org .