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Expression of conditioned preference for low-quality food in sheep is modulated by foraging costs by F. Catanese, R. A. Distel and J. J. Villalba. Past positive experiences can increase herbivores’ motivation to eat low-quality foods. However, this is not always translated into a higher preference for low-quality foods in choice tests among foods of higher nutritional quality. Foraging behavior is also affected by properties of the feeding context because the quality and abundance of foods in nature change in time and space. To continue to read the article please click:


The Animal Task Force is pleased to announce its Eastern European countries and the Balkans special meeting, taking place on August  31st, 2015, in the occasion of the 66th EAAP Annual Meeting, which this year will be held in Warsaw.

As an important representative of this vibrant Eastern European research community, we cordially invite you to join us for this dedicated session. Click here for more infomation.

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Animine Academy in Paris (France)

The 1st Animine Academy will be held in Paris on September 10th – 11th and is jointly organized by EAAP and Animine. The conference will be dealing with growth promoters, nutritional requirements and mineral supplementation in domestic animals diet. There will be six major invited speakers and open discussions. Registration is already open. For more information: