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A review paper on neonatal survival in small ruminants was recently published in the journal ‘Animal’, after the new EAAP working group on Lamb and kid survival held it’s first ‘Challenge’ session in Copenhagen. The active working group, led by Jean-Marc Gautier and Cathy Dwyer are holding another session at EAAP in Belfast this year 2016 (29 Aug – 2 Sept) where invited speakers from around the globe will explore ways to reduce lamb and kid mortality in extensive and intensively reared sheep systems. Specifically, it will address genetic and phenotypic approaches to improving lamb and kid mortality, and address ways to standardise recording of perinatal survival for indoor and outdoor lambing. Issues around improving data quality, tools to record lamb and kid survival and ways to do this will be considered, as will small ruminant mortality before, during and after birth and including abortion and stillbirth.

The paper can be accessed openly at the link below:




iSAGE – new H2020 project focusing on sheep and goats

Read about the new H2020 project that EAAP is involved in – iSAGE. The project will focus on ways to reinvigorate the sheep and goat production in Europe.

More information on the project at


EAAP is catching up with development of animal science: new groups were agreed

Last March, the Council and the Scientific Committee were very active to prepare our organization for future challenges. It was approved a new working group on Animal Behaviour, it was approved the Terms of Reference of the new Study Commission on Precision Livestock Farming and it was also approved the creation of the new Study Commission on Insects. The Study Commissions must be formally approved by the General Assembly next August in Belfast. If you are interested to cooperate directly at these new initiatives (Precision Livestock Farming, Insects, Animal Behaviour), please let us know (, we are looking for active scientists!

Events & Meetings


The EAAP International Symposium on Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition will be held at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Krakow, Poland. ( from 12th – 15th September 2016

This is one of the most important and influential global conference for animal nutritionists!

Registration is on first-come-first-served basis until participant limit is reached – the first time it was offered it was sold out.


EU-PLF project: Bright Farm by Precision Livestock Farming

29 September 2016

The final conference of the EU funded project EU-PLF will be held in Brussels. Registration is now open! For more information on programme, venue and cost of registration, take a look at the project website: