The Workshop on “Biology of Lactation in Farm Animals” (BOLFA), is traditionally organized jointly by the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) and the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS).

The BOLFA 2018 workshop will be held in Dubrovnik on August 25/26 during the weekend right before the EAAP Annual Meeting which starts on Monday August 27th.


Time schedule for the scientific sessions:

The workshop will be held in the Elaphiti room in the LaCroma hotel.

Invited talks: 45 min in total, 35 min lecture and 10 min discussion.
Authors of invited talks are requested to submit an abstract (max 1 page, formatting rules according to EAAP abstracts) to BOLFA2018@vetsuisse.unibe.ch by May 31st, and a full paper manuscript to be submitted at the meeting to be published as a special issue of "Animal".




Session 1:
Mammary development

Early-life events affecting mammary development: Adam GEIGER

Mammary development in pigs: Walt HURLEY

Mammary development in lactating sows: the importance of suckling: Chantal FARMER

Use of anti depressants during pregnancy and lactation decreases maternal and fetal bone mass: Laura HERNANDEZ

Session 2:
Regulation and manipulation of milk secretion at different stages of lactation

Nutritional and endocrine control of colostrogenesis in swine: Hélène QUESNEL

Inhibition of prolactin as a management tool: Pierre LACASSE

Automated dry-off by means of milking: Ute MÜLLER

Session 3:
Alternatives to the 305-d standard lactation

Variations of dry period length: metabolic effects: Ariette van KNEGSEL

Mechanisms responsible for mammary gland plasticity during manipulation of lactation: Marion BOUTINAUD

Extended lactation: Jakob SEHESTED

Session 4:
Old and new indicators in milk for health status and metabolic load

Suitability of established and novel indicators for assessing the metabolic status: Josef GROSS

Proteomics approach to control lactational parameters David ECKERSALL

Session 5:
New developments in milking routines

The endocrine regulation of the cow - milk machine interaction: Rupert BRUCKMAIER

Milking machine settings and teat condition: Morten Dam RASMUSSEN

Milking routines and cluster detachment levels in small ruminants: Alen DZIDIC

Milking Machine Settings and Milking Efficiency: Carl Oskar PAULRUD




Abstracts for the BOLFA workshop must be submitted to the following mail address:

Abstracts have to be written in English. The proposed abstract should contain the specific objectives, experimental methods and statistical analyses to be used, together with a synthesis of the results and conclusions. The abstract must not exceed 2,500 characters (including title, authors, addresses, spaces, and punctuation) and needs to be formatted on one page. Presentations will be accepted as oral presentations or as posters. Only abstracts following these rules are considered for publication. When mailing your abstract, please assign your abstract to one of the sessions listed in the SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM or to the session “Biology of lactation: Free communications”.

Deadline for submission of abstracts for the BOLFA workshop is May 15th, 2018.


Details for registration are provided through the main EAAP page.


Please fill in this form to contact us, or send an email to BOLFA2018@vetsuisse.unibe.ch.