Elections for Study Commissions Positions:

EAAP changed since last year the method to elect members of the Commissions. We want to make more open, democratic and transparent the elections for the vacant posts in the EAAP Commissions and we desire to encourage you to apply or to suggest to possible candidates.

The procedure is new and for this reason might look unusual but I do invite you to apply and to stimulate persons whom you think might have the profile and who might be interested.

Joining EAAP Study Commissions will help you to create your own European animal science network and to cooperate with best scientists in our continent.

1.select the Commission of interest among the nine in EAAP (http://www.eaap.org/index.php/presentation/scientific-structure/scientific-commissions/)


2.check the open positions in the Commissions. For this year the open positions are:


Cattle: Two vice-presidents and one industry representative (one of the vice-presidents could be an industry representative).

Nutrition: One secretary.

Pigs: none.

Genetics: One President and two vice-presidents (one  of which also industry representative).

Health and welfare: Two vice-presidents, one secretary, one industry representative (one of the three positions has to be an industry representative)

Livestock farming systems: one industry representative.

Horse: One secretary, one industry representative.

Sheep and goat: One secretary, one industry representative.

Physiology: One secretary to be announced.

3.send the request to apply using the relative  Application_Form_EAAP with a short CV and send to eleonora@eaap.org


Please remember to give or don’t give the permission to make your CV available online. Please let us know if you have any question (eleonora@eaap.org), we will be pleased to answer you.