Welcome to the Horse Commission
and our website!

The Horse Commission of the EAAP is one of the longest-serving study commissions of the EAAP. We focus on all things ‘horse’ – from genetics and breeding, through horsekeeping and welfare, to the new growth and shape of the equine economy and how that affects horses as production animals.

We are all passionate about horses and other equids and we share that passion despite coming from many different countries and disciplines.  Across the breadth of Europe we find universal acceptance that there is a place for horses in our societies, but also a great diversity of ideas of what that place may be – from companion animals to meat.  Thus, it is not without some controversy!  Yet our passion for equines and our training as biological and social scientists allows us to agree to disagree, at times, whilst still looking to find real data that allows us to understand the wonderful, complex thing that is the production of horses and its impact on human lives.

The goal of the Horse Commission is to be a resource, linking researchers of equine science with each other, and with the public, bringing science-to-practice and practice-to-science. Join us to share your passion and to learn from colleagues who live in equine sectors very different from whatever one you are part of, so we can learn from each other!