Benefits and goals for members of the Horse SC Network

One of the key aims in establishing a scientific network like the EAAP Horse Commission is the opportunity to interact with others who share our research interests.  Many researchers who focus on equine research do not work in departments of equine studies.  Thus, networks like this give us an opportunity to learn what others are doing, to share our ideas and thoughts, and to enjoy each other’s company.  From this can come new opportunities for collaboration both in terms of ideas, and in terms of colleagues.

The goal of the Horse Commission is to be a resource, linking researchers of equine science with each other, and with the public, bringing science-to-practice and practice-to-science.

Contact any of the Horse Study Commission board members, and we can help you access the information you need.

Members of the HC are eligible to apply for board positions, vote in elections, and promote topics of interest. (see section/page on positions/voting/etc)

Another aim of the EAAP is to provide research which is relevant to animal production in Europe, at both a practitioner and a policy level.  The Horse Commission too has this aim, and we are working toward creating standards for research data which will allow international research which can establish reliable numbers in order to inform policy-making on a European level.