The activities of the SC and of its members

Dubrovnik 2018
69th Annual meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science: August 27 – 31, 2018.


The Annual Meeting in Dubrovnik was a great success.  The following sessions were held:


Discovery sessions – One day symposium (HC, EHN, EqRN)

Morning : Opportunities for international collaboration in equine research

This session intends to promote international collaboration in equine research. Abstract contribution on presentations of results of research projects that mobilized several European countries in order to highlight examples of successful international consortium in equine research are welcome. However, research ideas that would like to find research partners are welcome.

Afternoon : Importance and stakes of the horse industry at the European level

Lack of data on the horse industry (on economic, social and environmental aspects), at an international level, but also at national levels is a problem often encountered by researchers, institutions and professionals. Moreover, it is very important in the current context of the preparation of the next CAP EU Agriculture Policy (2020-2024). In this session, we intend to discuss on the topic of databases (economic, social and environmental), evaluations of the horse industry, comparisons between countries and the limits and stakes linked to data collection.

Discovery session: Welfare and behavior in animal training

Many parallels exist between the training, management, and welfare concerns in leisure and working horses and dogs. Methods of assessing welfare are being developed in both species to determine appropriate training methods, equipment use, and the use of animals as companions, in performance/competition and in animal assisted therapy/service programs. Genetic factors, training and management all contribute to behavior and performance.

The goal of this session is to explore these topics in both species and by that support the exchange between experts. Submissions from any discipline, including genetics and genomics, behavior, and practice are very welcome and expected to show significant parallels and opportunities for making synergistic progress in equine and canine research.

Challenge session on: Ethical questions in equine production and use

Bottom-up Session: Genetics and genomics in horse production

Description of session types:

Challenge sessions: will provide a forum to create/support networks, proposals for developing research/dissemination/training, discussing and responding to consultations, joint discussion with international organisations, training on new technologies and techniques etc. The format, which will not be the conventional invited / offered papers sessions, will include true workshops, roundtable debates, open committees and training sessions.

Discovery sessions: These will be for the interest of all delegates and will consider the future developments and new disciplines/technologies vital to an evolving animal science. They will be organised under the banner of one Commission but can involve other Commissions, the local organisers, EAAP Working Groups or any other source. They will comprise invited papers.

Bottom up sessions: these are traditional sessions, made up of abstracts submitted by scientists in areas of interest.