One of the aims of the EAAP is to provide European policy makers with relevant scientific information and guidance regarding animal production. The Horse Commission (HC) aspires to the same. Despite the growing importance of the horse industry, there is a current deficit of good, hard data on this sector: the number of horses, their uses, their economic impact, their impact on land and landscape, their aggregate food supply, and other issues across Europe. Whilst some studies have been completed in individual states, the measures of the studies do not necessarily align, leaving issues of comparability. This lack of equine data is a problem often encountered by researchers, institutions, professionals and policy makers. The HC is working to address these gaps by gathering existing reports, analysing their study protocols, and proposing our own set of research questions. The latter have been addressed to Members and are being currently collected and collated.

Below, you can find links to the work that has been done. The first is the result of internal consultation with EAAP HC members, titled Key Figures in Europe. This is followed by a series of regional or national attempts at creating comprehensive statistics on horse populations and their impact on economy and society.