Latest Scientific Publication

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Insect Study Commission SC

Source: Journal of Insects as Food and Feed


First editor-in-chief Alan Yen passed away

Alan had officially stepped down as editor-in-chief at the start of this year. Arnold van Huis took over as the new editor-in-chief. We had planned to announce this change in this newsletter, until we received sad news last week.

Last Monday, March 20, Alan Yen, former editor-in-chief of Journal of Insects as Food and Feed, has passed away. For several months Alan has fought hard, but unfortunately lost the battle with cancer. Wageningen Academic Publishers enjoyed the collaboration with Alan from the first email contact in January 2014. We are very grateful for all the work that Alan has done for Journal of Insects as Food and Feed, which has made the journal a success. We wish his family and friends strength in this difficult time.

You can read more about the change of editor-in-chief in the Open Access announcement in the latest issue of Journal of Insects as Food and Feed.


The European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) is pleased to announce collaboration with The Journal of Insects as Food and Feed (JIFF) published by Wageningen Academic Publishers.

Last August, at the annual meeting in Belfast (UK), EAAP announced a new Study Commission on Insects.

The Study Commission on Insects will organise sessions at the annual EAAP meetings, and the resulting peer-reviewed scientific output will be published in JIFF. The first sessions organised by the Study Commission on Insects will be held during the 2017 EAAP annual meeting in Tallinn, Estonia, 28 August – 1 September.

“Growing of insects can be fully considered now as mini-livestock”, says Teun Veldkamp. “It requires multi-disciplinary approaches and EAAP as well as JIFF are essential institutions for science and industry.”

Information about the Journal of Insects as Food and Feed can be found here

Information about the EAAP Study Commission on Insects can be found here

Events & Meetings

EAAP annual meeting in Tallinn 2017

Estonia, 28 August – 1 September

Insects in Veterinary Sciences

Univesity of Liège, Belgium 16-17 November

International Conference  ‘Insects for food & feed: Opportunities for tackling societal challenges’

21 November 2017, from 9:00 to 18:00
Location: Brussels (venue to be confirmed)

The 2nd International Conference “Insects to Feed the World” (IFW 2018) will take place during 15-20 May, 2018 in Wuhan, China, and is organized by Huazhong Agricultural University. To know more details: (link)

EAAP annual meeting in Dubrovnik 2018