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Diagnostic sheets and disorders in mealworm and black soldier fly

University of Copenhagen has published one page diagnostic sheets on ‘Diseases and disorders in mealworm Tenebrio molitor’ and ‘Diseases and disorders in the Black Soldier Fly (BSF), Hermetia illucens’. The diagnostic sheets can be downloaded by clicking on their titles and are free for all to use and disperse further. Another Diagnostic sheet, “Diseases and other health issues in Cricket rearing”, is available here.

Educating tomorrow’s insect pathologists to solve problems caused by diseases in the insect-rearing industry We are pleased to announce the start of the INSECT DOCTORS programme which will educate a new generation of experts to help tackle problems related to infectious diseases in insect mass rearing. We are recruiting 15 PhD candidates to this European Joint Doctoral Programme (EJD), funded under the H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme. There will be significant opportunities for candidates to undertake international training and, through our valuable non-academic partnerships, engage directly with industry and other stakeholders. Read more

Insects as replacement of animal protein gets a boost

SUSINCHAIN (Sustainable Insect Chain) is a project funded with a grant from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme. The new European research project SUSINCHAIN will start on October 1st 2019. The project aims to contribute to novel protein provision for feed and food in Europe. SUSINCHAIN wants to overcome the barriers for increasing the economic viability of the insect value chain and opening markets by combining forces in a comprehensive multi-actor consortium.

Read the document here.

Minutes of Insects Study Commission meeting

Minutes of Insects Study Commission meeting in Ghent, Belgium, held on Wednesday August 28, at 11:30-12:3, is now available here.

Summary of the EAAP Insect sessions Ghent, Belgium The insect sessions at the EAAP annual meeting in Ghent, Belgium attracted a lot of people from industry and academia. More and more people are interested in the use of insects as animal feed or as animal feed ingredient. The number of papers on insects as mini-livestock increases rapidly. In total, over 80 abstracts were presented in seven sessions on insects. A summary of the theme sessions is presented here.

Scientific interest for insects for feed is growing

More and more people are interested in the use of insects as animal feed or as animal feed ingredient. Insect products are allowed for use already in petfood and aquaculture. It is expected that EU-regulations will be adapted in the near future and thereafter insect products may also be used as feed material for poultry and pigs. Research is making progress and the number of papers on insects as mini-livestock increases rapidly as shown during a one-day symposium on “Insects for Feed” during the annual EAAP meeting. Read more


Events & Meetings

Summer School Insects as Food & Feed 22-26 June 2020, Wageningen Campus The field of rearing insects for human food and animal feed is new. There are many challenges in bringing insects on the market. How can we rear insects in a sustainable way with low environmental impact and contributing to a circular economy? What type of production design and facilities are needed to farm the insects in an optimal way? The Summer School will address the entire chain from genetics to farming, handling/logistics, processing, marketing and consumption. For more information visit the website.  

71st Annual Meeting of European Federation of Animal Science Porto, Portugal – 31 Aug. to 4 Set. 2020

The Portuguese organizing team is delighted to invite you to the 71st Annual Meeting of EAAP. The meeting takes place from August 31st to September 4th 2020 in the world heritage city of Porto, Portugal. For more information visit the website here.