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D. A. Kenny and C. J. Byrne, 2018. Review: The effect of nutrition on timing of pubertal onset and subsequent fertility in the bull. Animal, 12 (s1), s36-s44.

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Viscosity negatively affects the nutritional value of blue lupin seeds for broilers Animal, 12 (6), 1144-1153.

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Reducing agent can be omitted in the incubation medium of the batch in vitrofermentation model of the pig intestines. Animal, 12 (6), 1154-1164.

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An assessment of Walk-over-Weighing to estimate short-term individual forage intake in sheep. Animal, 12 (6), 1174-1181.

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Effects of methionine hydroxy analogue supplementation on the expression of antioxidant-related genes of acute heat stress-exposed broilers. Animal, 12 (5), 931-939

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