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Kacsala, Zs. Szendrő, Zs. Gerencsér, I. Radnai, M. Kovács, R. Kasza, I. Nagy, M. Odermatt, T. Atkári, Zs. Matics. 2018. Early solid additional feeding of suckling rabbits from 3 to 15 days of age. Animal, 12, 1: 28-33

Bournazel, M. Lessire, M. J. Duclos, M. Magnin, N. Même, C. Peyronnet, E. Recoules, A. Quinsac, E. Labussière, A. Narcy. 2018. Effects of rapeseed meal fiber content on phosphorus and calcium digestibility in growing pigs fed diets without or with microbial phytase. Animal, 12, 1: 34-42

G. Madsen, S. Mueller, M. Kreuzer, M. B. Bigler, P. Silacci, G. Bee. 2018. Milk replacers supplemented with either L-arginine or L-carnitine potentially improve muscle maturation of early reared low birth weight piglets from hyperprolific sows. Animal, 12, 1: 43-53

H. Pagella, R. W. Mayes, F. J. Pérez-Barbería, E. R. Ørskov. 2018. The development of an intraruminal nylon bag technique using non-fistulated animals to assess the rumen degradability of dietary plant materials. Animal, 12, 1: 54-65

Johansen, P. Lund, M. R. Weisbjerg. 2018. Feed intake and milk production in dairy cows fed different grass and legume species: a meta-analysis. Animal, 12,1: 66-75

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The technical report: “Explanatory note on the selection of forage material suitable for the risk assessment of GM feed of plant origin” has been published recently in EFSA Supporting Publications website:


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