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Article of the month August in Animal (free access):
Givens, D. (2018). Review: Dairy foods, red meat and processed meat in the diet: Implications for health at key life stages. Animal, 12(8), 1709-1721.

Valable, A., Narcy, A., Duclos, M., Pomar, C., Page, G., Nasir, Z., Magnin, M., Létourneau-Montminy, M. P. (2018). Effects of dietary calcium and phosphorus deficiency and subsequent recovery on broiler chicken growth performance and bone characteristics. Animal, 12(8), 1555-1563.

Faulconnier, Y., Bernard, L., Boby, C., Domagalski, J., Chilliard, Y., & Leroux, C. (2018). Extruded linseed alone or in combination with fish oil modifies mammary gene expression profiles in lactating goats. Animal, 12(8), 1564-1575.

Silva, L., Cooke, R., Schubach, K., Brandão, A., Marques, R., Schumaher, T., Bohnert, D. (2018). Supplementing a yeast-derived product to enhance productive and health responses of beef steers. Animal, 12(8), 1576-1583.

Article of the month July in Animal:
Fischer, A., Friggens, N., Berry, D., & Faverdin, P. (2018). Isolating the cow-specific part of residual energy intake in lactating dairy cows using random regressions. Animal, 12(7), 1396-1404.

Nutrition Study Commission News

Do not forget to attend the animal nutrition sessions planned at the 69th Annual Meeting of the EAAP, 27 to 31 August in Dubrovnik, Croatia!

We will host four sessions on specific animal nutrition topics:

  • Nutrition, inflammation and oxidative stress (session 15, Monday 27 August 14.00h)
  • New technologies to improve feed efficiency (session 48, Wednesday 29 August, 14.00h)
  • Non-invasive biomarkers in nutritional studies (session 58, Thursday 8.30h)
  • Nutritional and feeding strategies to face consequences of climate change (session 69, Thursday 14.00h)

Abstracts on other topics are presented in two free communication sessions: one focussed on pig nutrition (session 5, Monday 27 August 08.30h) and one general session on animal nutrition (session 27, Tuesday 28 August 14.00h)

Furthermore, on Thursday 30 August there will be a one-day symposium on “Multidisciplinary approaches for improving sustainable livestock production” (session 56 and 67).

We look forward to meet you in Dubrovnik!

EU reduces copper in animal feed

The 6th International Symposium on Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition (ISEP) planned in Belo Horizonte, 6-9 September 2019!

Report for 2016 on the results from the monitoring of veterinary medicinal product residues and other substances in live animals and animal products

Evaluation of the application for a new alternative processing method for animal by-products of Category 3 material (ChainCraft B.V.)

Events & Meetings

The organizing committee and EAAP Commission on Animal Nutrition invite you to the 6th EAAP International Symposium on Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition (ISEP 2019). The meeting will take place from 9-12th of September 2019 in Ouro Minas Palace Hotel, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
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