How to become member of the Nutrition SC

The Nutrition SC is managed by a Commission Management Board composed of: the President, the Vice Presidents, Secretaries and industry representatives. Only persons actually and actively engaged in the science and practice of animal production are eligible. EAAP Country Members, individual Members and the Commission Management Board have the right to nominate candidates for posts in the Management Board of Commissions. Each individual Member may apply for nomination in the Commission Management Board by sending an Email to one of the current Nutrition SC members. The Council will decide about nomination of a candidate and the General Assembly will decide about nomination for President of the Commission Management Board. Officers of the Commission hold office for a term of three years. They can be re-elected only once for an equal period. After the six-years period, office holders are eligible for nomination for a different post for a three-years period renewable for another three-years period, for a maximum of 12 years in the same Study Commission.