What is the Nutrition Commission SC

Animal nutrition is one of the focal points of the EAAP. The animal feed sector has an important position in the agri-food chain and nutritional strategies have high significance for major European challenges in animal production. Feed represents 50-70% of the cost of producing animal products, and some crops are cultivated mainly to produce feed, 76% of available maize in EU is used for animal nutrition, while only 38% of available wheat is used for animal nutrition. Moreover, the most important challenges for livestock production of the future have a clear feed dimension: improving resource efficiency by increased nutrient efficiency, improving animal welfare by optimizing animal health through nutrition, and minimize the footprint of animal production.

Therefore, the Commission calls for transdisciplinary and multi-actor collaborations, and advocates to give animal nutrition a firm position on the European agenda for research and innovation. The Commission addresses all questions in the area of animal nutrition, including food producing animals as well as pets. The Commission aims to be a platform to create initiatives and collaborations for European, but not exclusively, scientists involved in animal nutrition.