EAAP Council is composed by The President, two Vice-Presidents and other eight Councillors

The Secretary General, Two Auditors, the Alternate Auditor and the FAO Representative can also attend the Council meetings.

President Matthias Gauly – Germany


Johannes Sölkner – Austria Johannes Sölkner
Jeanne Bormann- Luxembourg
John Carty – Ireland
Isabel Casasus Peyo – Spain
Horia Grosu – Romania Horia Grosu
Georgia Hadjipavlou – Cyprus
Veronika Maurer (Switzerland)  
Bruno Ronchi (Italy)  
Lotta Rydhmer- Sweden
Mogens Vestergaard – Denmark
Auditors George Zervas – Greece Zervas_Thumb
Gerry Greally – Ireland Greally_Thumb
Alternate Auditor Andreas Hofer – Switzerland
Secretary General Andrea Rosati – EAAP Secretariat
FAO Representative Badi Besbes – FAO


Decisions taken at the 160th Council meeting


The following are Honorary Members of the Association

Former Presidents of EAAP were: