Pig Study Commission (P)



Egbert Knoll*
Topigs Norsvin Research Center B.V.

The Netherlands


* Industry Representative

Vacant position


Sam Millet
ILVO (Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research)
Melle, Belgium




Paolo Trevisi
Bologna University
Bologna, Italy


Katja Nilsson




Young Scientist:

Charlotte Grimberg-Henrici (Germany)


The Pig Commission is one if the oldest commissions of the EAAP. This Commission is run by 4 members from the Academia, and one Industry representative. The members of the the Pig Commission are president Charlotte Lauridsen (Aarhus University, Denmark), vicepresident Egbert Knoll (Topigs Norsvin Research Center B.V., The Netherlands) and secretaries Guiseppe Bee (Agroscope Instiute of Livestock Sciences ILS Posieux, Switzerland), Antonio Velarde (Calvo IRTA, Spain), Sam Millet (ILVO, Belgium, Antonio Velarde.  These members cover the disciplines nutrition, genetics, management and welfare, health, and reproduction of swine. The main task of the Pig Commission is to arrange the scietific programme related to pigs at the annual meeting of EAAP. This is done based on suggestions obtained from the local organising committee of the annual EAAP meeting, and from the audience and participants of the meeting. At the Pig Commission business meeting, which will be held during the EAAP conference, the will be a presentation of the topics suggested for the next year programme, and the audience is asked to vote for the subjects to get a priority list. The task by the Pig Commission is furthermore to arrange the scientific content of the sessions related to pigs.