The pig commission is one of the first established commissions of EAAP. It is managed by 5 members of academia and one industry representative, with different backgrounds and expertise.

Sam Millet (president):   His research covers a wide range of topics on pig husbandry, with a specific interest in pig nutrtion

Paolo Trevisi (vice president):    With a background on pig production, his research cover the interaction between nutritional strategies  and host development and the interplay  host-environment- microbiota, especially for piglets.  

Stafford Vigors (Young EAAP representative): His research involves examining the impact of alterations in the gut microbiome and changes in gene expression in animal models of feed efficiency, nutrient supplementation, methane emissions and improving meat quality.

Egbert Knol (Industry representative): Trained as a geneticist, Egbert approaches all aspects of the pork production chain, from reproduction to carcass and meat-quality, mostly from a genetics point of view, but always towards reduction of cost price of the production of pork, maintaining welfare of farmers, animals and planet.


The main aim of the commission is to bring together scientists and disciplines to strengthen European Pig Research efforts with a comparative, trans- and multidisciplinary view. As such, the pig commission is continuously looking for joint initiatives with other study commissions. We also warmly welcome initiatives exchanging knowledge with researchers studying other monogastric production animals. Each year, the pig commission organises several sessions on pig production at the annual EAAP meeting.

Sessions during the last EAAP meetings

Traditionally, the sessions cover a wide range of topics on contemporary subjects in pig production. Since 2019, an early career competition was organised, which attracted a large interest from young EAAP scientists.

The following sessions were organised at the 2019 EAAP meeting in Ghent:

  • Innovative approaches to pig production and pig research (Wageningen Academic Publishers early career competition)
  • Neonatal survival in pigs
  • Various topics in pig production
  • Health in poultry and free communications
  • Sow + gilt nutrition and management
  • Sustainable pig production systems

Sessions for the next EAAP meeting

Sessions for the next meetings are decided on at the pig commission business meeting, organised during the annual meeting. The topics are chosen based on input from the local organisers and the audience attending the business meeting.

For the 2020 Annual meeting, these sessions are foreseen:

  • Early career competition: stressing innovation in pig production
  • Energy and protein efficiency in pigs, from conception to slaughter
  • Mineral efficiency in pigs and poultry
  • Gut health – resilient pig and poultry production
  • Influence of microbiome on health and welfare in pigs
Commission Members

Sam Millet
ILVO (Belgium)

Vice president
Paolo Trevisi
DISTAL – University of Bologna (Italy)
Giuseppe Bee
AGROSCOPE (Switzerland)

Katja Nilsson
Swedish University of Agricultural Science (Sweden)

Industry rep.
Egbert Knol
Topigs Norsvin (The Netherlands)

Young Club
Stafford Vigors
University College Dublin (Ireland)