13th EAAP Webinar: "Ethical dog breeding"

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May 23, 2022

The 13th EAAP Webinar titled Ethical dog breeding is organized in collaboration with the EAAP Study Commission on Genetics and the EAAP Ethics Working group. The Study Commission on Genetics addresses all questions regarding the genetic mechanisms underlying performance, phenotype and behaviour of animals, and also all aspects of how these trait complexes can be modified through means of breeding. The Genetic Study Commission has often strong interdisciplinary interactions with other commissions or working groups including the Ethics working created by EAAP only few years ago to foster discourse and develop resources to support integrity, responsibility, and ethics in the conduct of scientific research and practice for animals.

The first presentation will be given by Odd Vangen from “the Norwegian University of Life Sciences” (Norway) on “How can animal genetics’ theory contribute to a more sustainable and ethical dog breeding”Peter Sandøe from “the University of Copenhagen” (Denmark) will then talk about “What is wrong with my bulldog? Drivers of and possible ways to limit problematic dog breeding”Finally, the last talk will be titled “Ethical considerations in dog breeding and sourcing: a North American perspective” and presented by Candace Croney from the “Centre for Animal Welfare Science” (USA).


Detailed information and registration are available on the dedicated webpage