Best Oral Presentations and Best Posters awards

December 17, 2019

During the last EAAP Annual Meeting (Ghent, Belgium, 26th-30th August 2019), each EAAP Study Commission evaluated posters and presentations given by researchers who attended the congress. EAAP is now pleased to announce the complete list of winners for “Best Oral Presentations and Best Posters” awards:

Commission: GENETIC

Best Poster:
“Preliminary longevity analysis for birth weight homogeneity in mice”
N. Formoso-Rafferty, J.P. Gutiérrez, I. Cervantes.

Best Presentation:
“High resolution copy number variation analysis using two cattle genome assemblies”
Y.L. Lee, M. Bosse, R.F. Veerkamp, E. Mullaart, M.A.M. Groenen and A. Bouwman

Commission: CATTLE

Best Poster:
“Association analyses for ketosis indicators ketone bodies and fatty acid profiles in Holstein cows”
S.-L. Klein, C. Scheper, K. May, H.H. Swalveand S. König

Best Presentation:
“Prediction of reticular and ruminal pH progressions with transponder based feed intake”
A. Mensching, K. Bünemann, U. Meyer,D. Von Soosten, S. Dänicke, J. Hummel and A.R.


Best Poster:
“Water quality: differences of perception and management between poultry and pig producers”
M. Leblanc-Maridor, S. Brilland, P. Gambade and C. Belloc

Best Presentation:
“Avoiding feather pecking and cannibalism in laying hens: the dual-purpose hen as a chance”
M.F. Giersberg, B. Spindlerand and N. Kemper

Commission: HORSE

Best Poster:
“Young rider’s satisfaction and loyalty to a club: factors and influences”
C. Eslan,C. Vial,S. Costa and O. Thomas

Best Presentation:
“Importance of strong data base systems in the study of genetic characteristics in horses.”
M. Wobbe, K.F. Stock, F. Reinhardtand R. Reents

Commission: PIG

Best Poster:
“Effect of sampling time on apparent digestibility of organic matter and net energy of pig feed”
L. Paternostre, J. De Boever and S. Millet

Best Presentation:
“Analysis of group recorded feed intake and individual records of body weight and litter size in mink”
M.D. Madsen,T.M. Villumsen,M.S. Lund, B.K. Hansen, S.H. Møller and M. Shirali

Commission: INSECTS

Best Poster:
“Chitin does not impair protein and lipid digestion in monogastric animals”
A. Caligiani, L. Soetemans, G. Leni, L. Bastiaens and S.Sforza

Best Presentation:
“Probiotic P. pentosaceus inhibits bacterial growth and improves Tenebrio molitor larvae fitness”
A. Lecocq


Best Poster:
“Including the scapula width from CT-scans improves selection accuracy for sow longevity”
Ø. Nordbø

Best Presentation:
“Characterization of quarter milk yield losses during clinical mastitis in dairy cows”
I. Adriaens, L. D’Anvers, B. De Ketelaere, W. Saeys, K. Geerinckx, I. Van Den BrulleS.


Best Poster:
“Estimation of labour requirement for feeding of dairy cows with loose barn dried hay”
J. Mačuhová, V. Stegmann, B. Haidn and S. Thurner

Best Presentation:
“High school education: a challenge to reduce gap between livestock production and citizen concerns”
A. Chouteau, G. Brunschwig and C. Disenhaus

Commission: SHEEP AND GOAT

Best Poster:
“Divergent genetic selections for an early behavioural reactivity in meat sheep”
D. Hazard, A. Morisset, D. Foulquié, E. Delval, S. Douls, F. Carrière, J. Pradel and A. Boissy

Best Presentation:
“Assessment of methane traits in ewes: genetic parameters and impact on lamb weaning performance”
J. Reintke, K. Brügemann, T. Yin, P. Engel, H. Wagner, A. Wehrend and S. König

Commission: PHYSIOLOGY

Best Poster:
“Multilevel evaluation of prebiotic supplementation and heat stress effects in laying hens”
S. Borzouie, B. Rathgeber, C. Stupart, I. Burtonand L.A.Maclaren

Best Presentation:
“To what extent rumen microbiota composition is host-driven – an experimental approach in goats”
V. Berthelot, P. Gomes,P, Mosoni and L.P. Broudiscou

Commission: NUTRITION

Best Poster:
“Effect on milk quality of replacing soybean meal with spirulina in a hay-based diet for dairy cows”
E. Manzocchi, M. Kreuzer and K. Giller

Best Presentation:
“Dietary hydroxy methionine supply in pigs: associated changes in muscle biological processes”
F. Gondret, N. Le Floc’h, D.I. Batonon Alavo, Y. Mercier, M.H. Perruchot and B. Lebret