2021 Annual Meeting Survey

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October 12, 2021

For all participant to the Davos Annual Meeting, I would hereby like to invite you to complete the annual survey. To participate please click on this link.
The purpose of this survey is to explore the possible challenges that EAAP faces in the organization of the annual meeting. We had been really challenged in the last years: a traditional on-site meeting in 2019 (Ghent, Belgium), a virtual meeting in 2020 and a hybrid meeting in 2021 (Davos, Switzerland). The last three surveys had been slightly different, due to the different structures of the annual meetings.
Therefore, it will not always be possible to compare among the three annual meetings. Otherwise, the analysis of the results will also help us to select the best structure for the future annual meetings. Please note that your participation is voluntary, therefore we would appreciate if you help us to improve the services that we offer. The survey is anonymous and response data will only be analysed at aggregate level. If you have any questions or concerns about this study, please feel free to contact us at eaap@eaap.org. Kindly note the closing date of the survey is Monday, 1st November 2021. It will not take too long to complete the questionnaire. Thanks for your