8th EAAP Webinar: “New Roles for old friends: Equids in 21st Century”

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December 15, 2021

The 8th EAAP Webinar titled “New Roles for old friends: Equids in 21st Century” is organized in collaboration with the EAAP Horse Study Commission.

The first presentation will be given by Pasquale De Palo from “The University of Bari” (Italy) on Equid milk for modern dietsAna Sofia Santos, from “FeedInov” (Portugal), will then talk about Bio-grazing: Agro-ecological roles for equids in sustainable landscape management. Last but not least, Rhys Evans, from “HGUt” (Norway) will inform the audience on Rural horses in an urbanized world: providing essential services to a modern European population.

By attending EAAP Webinars, you will be able to stay on top of the latest research and gain new inspiration. Connect and network through a range of interactive presentations, discussions and workshops. Get updates on the latest results and opinions about animal science and livestock industry. You can use this program also to teach your students.

If you need support with your registration, please contact liguori@eaap.org or danilo@eaap.org.

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