A new Newsletter!

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August 31, 2022

Starting from issue n. 224, the EAAP Newsletter changes format and is renovated. In the new graphics, the contents of the Newsletter will acquire more importance, according to new reading hierarchies that readers will soon make their own. For us, this becomes an opportunity to increase the importance of dissemination, analysis and choice of topics. Together with the new graphic image we added three new sections, in particular the sections “Research Institute Profile”, “From Industries” and “Animal Science Podcasts”. The first one is dedicated to the profiles of Research Institutes which, following the success of the section presenting the EAAP People Portraits, intends to present the European Research Institutes that make the EAAP one of the most advanced livestock research area. We want to give visibility to EAAP Research Institutes to favour the network among them. The second one, is dedicated to animal science industries to let them share, without intermediaries, their technical-scientific activities and development plans. We do believe that industries are an integral part of the research activities, and we want to give the opportunity to disseminate the technical information coming from them. The last one is a specific selection of podcasts to provide, using the modern dissemination techniques, a larger information about the latest news on Animal Science fields. Finally, a renewed graphic design will keep the EAAP Newsletter connected with the evolution of times!