EAAP Council is composed by The President, two Vice-Presidents and other eight Councillors.

The Secretary General, Two Auditors, the Alternate Auditor and the FAO Representative can also attend the Council meetings.

President Isabel Casasús

Vice-President Hans Spoolder
(The Netherlands)
Represented countries: Denmark, the Netherlands

Vice-President John Carty
Represented countries: Iceland, Ireland, United Kingdom

Member Olga Moreira
Represented countries: Spain, Portugal

Member Peter Sanftleben
Represented countries: Germany, Switzerland)

Member Ilan Halachmi
Represented countries: Cyprus, Israel, Lebanon, Tunisia

Member Denis Kučevič
Represented countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine

Member Stéphane Ingrand
Represented countries: Belgium, France, Luxembourg

Member Martin Heinrich Lidauer
Represented countries: Finland, Norway, Sweden

Member Klemen Potocnik
Represented countries: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia

Member Bruno Ronchi
Represented countries: Albania, Italy

Auditor Zdravko Barac

Auditor Gerry Greally

Alternate Auditor Jeanne Bormann

Secretary General
EAAP Secretariat
Andrea Rosati

FAO Representative Badi Besbes

The following are Honorary Members of the Association

  • Philippe Chemineau (France)
  • Patrick Cunningham (Ireland)
  • Jim Flanagan (Ireland)
  • Matthias Gauly (Germany)
  • Alessandro Nardone (Italy)
  • Arne Roos (Sweden)
  • Kris Sejrsen (Denmark)
  • Milan Zjalic (Croatia)

Former Presidents of EAAP were:

  • 2016/2020 M. Gauly (Germany)
  • 2012/2016 P. Chemineau (France)
  • 2008/2012 K. Sejrsen (Denmark)
  • 2004/2008 J. Flanagan (Ireland)
  • 2000/2004 A. Aumaitre (France)
  • 1996/2000 P. Solms-Lich (Germany)
  • 1990/1996 A. Nardone (Italy)
  • 1984/1990 A. Roos (Sweden)
  • 1978/1984 E.P. Cunningham (Ireland)
  • 1972/1978 J.H. Weniger (Germany)
  • 1967/1972 J.M. Rijssenbeek (The Netherlands)
  • 1961/1967 R. Trehane (United Kingdom)
  • 1949/1961 A.M. Leroy (France)