animal: Advancing Animal Science Through Ethical and Impactful Research

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August 8, 2023

The European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) expresses its pride in the esteemed journal, animal, as its official publication in cooperation with INRAE and BSAS, known for its robust, scientific, and ethical articles catering to researchers, industry professionals, stakeholders, and policymakers worldwide. Submitting articles to animal provides various benefits to members. Firstly, it supports EAAP’s core activities, helping to reinvest in animal science and young scientists. Secondly, the journal holds an exceptional reputation, ranked 7th out of 62 journals in Agriculture, Dairy, and Animal Science, with an impressive impact factor of 3.6. Its stringent peer-review process ensures the publication of high-quality research, granting authors recognition and credibility among peers. The wide readership of animal includes academia, research institutions, conservation organizations, and industry professionals, giving authors global visibility and impact. The journal is committed to rapid publication, minimizing time to first review and providing swift access to ground-breaking research without compromising quality. animal welcomes articles from various sub-disciplines within animal sciences, encouraging collaboration and diverse perspectives among researchers. There is a strong link between animal and the EAAP Study Commissions, especially with the scientific program they organize every year at the EAAP Annual Meeting. Therefore, publishing with animal facilitates engagement with an interdisciplinary community of experts. We firmly believe that animal is the go-to platform for accessing the latest research and in-depth reviews on hot topics in animal science. This includes both regular issues and supplement editions featuring selected papers from our conferences. We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of the supplement issue from last year’s Annual Meeting organized in Porto. Additionally, we are diligently working to select the best presentations for this year’s Annual Meeting supplement. Moreover, animal publishes all its papers as Open Access, making scientific research freely accessible to everyone for reading, downloading, copying, and distribution. For more information about animal and the submission process, visit the EAAP website or contact The EAAP looks forward to receiving research contributions and collaborating in advancing animal science.