Animal moves to a Gold Open Access model

animal flip to open access post 1
May 7, 2020

animal’ the monthly international journal of animal bioscience, is delighted to announce they have entered into a partnership with leading global publisher Elsevier, to move to a Gold Open Access model.  This means that from the 1st January 2021 all future published articles and all archived articles, once re-digitised, will be shared worldwide.

The current publishing trend is moving strongly in the direction of Open Access as more and more journals and their authors are seeing the need to remove the “pay for view” restrictions of the subscription model.  In addition, a growing number of research funding institutions and companies are now requesting Open Access to increase the availability of the research they choose to support financially.

Flipping animal to open access will increase both the visibility and the impact of the high-quality research it publishes.  This in turn will strengthen its position as a highly influential publication in its field, and thus support its mission to better serve its communities.

Authors will quickly realise the benefits of making their research findings more readily available, more citable and more applicable throughout the animal science sector.

A spokesperson for the animal partners said ‘we spent considerable time reviewing the way forward for our journal and believe that Elsevier will provide us with the best platform to develop animal both as and open access publication and as a leading animal science publication.’

Submissions to animal on relevant subjects are welcome.  Authors will be required to pay and Article Publishing Charge (APC) of 1,400 Euros on acceptance. For more information see the FAQ  and to submit your manuscript click here.