Animal – Open Space: A Platform for Data and Method Papers in Animal Research

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June 13, 2023

Since animal – open space published its first paper in January 2022, over 40 manuscripts have been published. In total, the articles have been downloaded 27563 times. It is striking that out of the three types of papers (Data, Method and Research papers), those that received the most attention were the data and method papers with over 800 downloads per article. This means that these types of articles are well perceived and animal – open space delivers the right platform to publish this kind of manuscript. So, if you have data or methods that you want to share with the research community, use animal – open space. As a reminder, animal – open space has a wider scope than the flagship Animal. It fully embraces Open Science and believes that all carefully conducted research, data linked to that research, and the associated points of view of the authors should contribute to knowledge gain. The journal publishes articles related to farmed or other managed animals, leisure and companion animals, and the use of insects for animal feed and human food.