Animal Task Force meeting on the role of meat in the food system

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April 19, 2023

The Animal Task Force organized a workshop to discuss the role of meat and livestock in our food system. The workshop emphasized the importance of looking at scientific evidence to understand the role of meat in society. The workshop supported the conclusions of a position paper signed by almost 1000 scientists, which highlighted the positive contributions of meat and livestock to personal health and well-being, ecological balance, and socioeconomic livelihoods. The position paper was the major outcome of the “International Summit on The Societal Role of Meat – What the SCIENCE Says”, held in Dublin last October and hosted by Teagasc, the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority. The summit brought together globally leading scientists from various relevant disciplines to present a comprehensive synopsis of the scientific
insights on the role of meat in society. At the meeting held in Brussels last week it was confirmed that, given the importance and scale of meat production, is critical for agricultural, industrial, governmental, and educational actors to continuously strive to earn their societal license to operate. Meat production and consumption are frequent subjects of societal debate, and the best technologies must be utilized to maximize benefits and minimize undesirable impacts. In conclusion, understanding the objective
scientific evidence on the role of meat in society is essential for policy makers and civil society to make informed decisions.