porto punto esclamativo
April 7, 2020
“The EAAP Council is continuously monitoring the situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and its potential impact on the annual meeting due to be held in Porto (Portugal) this summer.
The EAAP Scientific Committee is currently finalizing the Scientific Program for Porto. This Program will be ready in some days, and this year we have received a record number of abstracts (1500+).
The current position, based on the best available advice, is that the conference is going ahead as planned and that the registration procedure should continue as per normal.
We will however continually monitor developments, taking WHO advice on board at all times. Based on this advice, we will make a final decision prior to the end of June at the very latest whether to proceed with the planned meeting, or hold it later on in 2020.
We want to assure all potential attendees that we will do everything possible to ensure above all else your safety and secondly to avoid the disappointment in having to cancel EAAP 2020. In the event of unavoidable cancellation of the meeting due to the on-going situation we will reimburse all registrations made up to the date of registration, minus € 10 for admin fee. This fee will be used to help pay for some of the substantial costs that have already been incurred by EAAP and the host City in planning and preparing for the annual meeting.
In light of this advice we suggest you do not make any firm decision as yet regarding transport or accommodation to Porto but at the same time equally do not cancel your decision to participate. The situation is very dynamic and is currently impossible to predict the level of pandemic we will have in few months. We are closely following statements from the national health offices and the WHO and we advise you to watch your emails from EAAP and regularly visit the Porto 2020 Annual Meeting or the EAAP websites for any updates. Should information and restrictions from either the national health offices or WHO change EAAP will act accordingly and update you as soon as possible.
In Summary;
–  EAAP is continuously monitoring the situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic
–  We will do everything possible to ensure your safety
–  Today we still plan to hold the conference at the planned time: 31st August – 4th September
–  If the COVID-19 situation requires, we will delay the conference later in the year. A Cancellation may be forced upon us, based on the best advice, but this is not being envisaged currently
–  If the meeting is delayed, you will decide as to whether you will participate. If not, we will reimburse your registration fee (minus € 10 for admin fee)
– Currently we suggest you not to make any firm decision about traveling and lodging but at the same time equally do not cancel your decision to participate
– EAAP will inform through emails, Newsletters and Websites about next decisions. Keep yourself updated!

We hope to see you in Porto which promises to be a fantastic meeting – COVID-19 permitting.
Stay safe and support your EAAP family by joining the Porto 2020 Annual Meeting!”