Available Positions for members of the EAAP Study Commissions

May 13, 2024

Every EAAP individual member has the opportunity to participate actively in the life of EAAP by joining the Management Board of one of the Study Commissions. This year, as always, there will be elections for the vacant posts in the EAAP MB of the Study Commissions and you are encouraged to apply or to suggest to possible candidates. Please do not forget that joining the Management Boards will help you to create your own European animal science network and to cooperate with best scientists on our continent. For 2024 the open positions are:

NUTRITION: 2 Industry Representatives 

GENETIC: 1 President 

HORSE: 1 Vice President; 2 Secretaries

PHYSIOLOGY: 1 Secretary; 1 Industry Representative; 2 Young EAAP 

INSECTS: 1 Secretary; 1 Industry Representative; 1 Young EAAP 

HEALTH AND WELFARE: 2 Vice Presidents; 1 Industry Representative; 1 Young EAAP 

CATTLE: 1 President, 2 Vice Presidents; 1 Secretary; 1 Young EAAP

PIG: 3 Secretaries 



SHEEP AND GOAT: 1 Secretary; 1 Young EAAP 

You know well that the activities of the Study Commissions are essential for the life of our organization, and you are encouraged therefore to submit your candidature or to invite your colleagues to submit their candidatures. Decisions about the available positions will be taken in Firenze during the Study Commission and Council meetings and for the President positions at the General Assembly. For those interested the deadline to apply is July 20th, 2024. 

Please submit your CV with the application form on the website