Cattle Commission
Best presentation
An analysis of new entrants into the Irish dairy sector during the last years of milk quota
R. McDonald1, B. Horan2, K. Pierce3, A. Macken-Walsh4
Best poster
Voluntarily delayed rebreeding and double insemination effects on pregnancy rates of Holstein cows
Gaillard C., M. Vestergaard and J. Sehested
Physiology CommissionBest presentationTitle: “Muscle and serum acylcarnitine profiles in dairycows during the periparturient period”.
Author: Yang, Y.Y.
Best poster

Title: Voluntarily delayed rebreeding and doubleinsemination effects on pregnancy rates of Holstein C. Gaillard
Pig Commission
Best presentation
Stafford Vigors,
Free Communications in Pig production (#18), ‘The relationship between feed efficiency and the expression of genes associated with appetite’
Best poster
Drag, M. et al.,
Free Communications in Pig production (#18), ‘ Gene co-expression networks and profiles reveal potential biomarkers of boar taint in pigs’.
Horse Commission
Best presentation
E. Mulser,
“Lying behaviour of group-housed horses”Best poster
S. Eriksson,
“Yearling conformation and radiographic findings related to Swedish Standardbred trotter performance.”
Health & Welfare Commission
Best presentation
Commercial comparison of potential dustbathing substrates for intensively farmed broilers

Baxter, M.

Best poster
Genome-wide association study of the Eimeria maxima response in Cobb500 broilers
Hamzic, E.H.
Nutrition Commission
Best presentation
Maternal dietary interventions affect piglet intestinal development in different ways
De Greeff, A
Best poster
Alternative sampling types for assessing the composition of the rumen microbial community in cattle
Tapio, I.
Livestock farming Commission
Best presentation
How much animal-source food can we produce while avoiding feed-food competition?
Van Zanten, H.H.E
Best poster
Which animal do farmers need for tropical mixed farming systems?
Mandonnet, N.; Ceresita, T.
Sheep and Goat Commission
Best presentation
An across breed comparison of Irish versus New Zealand ovine genetics
Mcgovern, F.M.C.G.
Best poster
Impact of early weaning on rumen development and fermentation profiles in artificially-reared lambs
Cristobal-Carballo, O.
Best presentation
Genes and microbes, the next step in dairy cattle breeding
Difford, G.F.
Best poster
Social genetic effects for daily gain and correlation to conformation traits in two pig breeds
Krogsdahl, J.J.