During the last EAAP Annual Meeting (Dubrovnik, Croatia, 27th– 31st August 2018), each EAAP Study Commission evaluated posters and presentations given by researchers who attended the congress. EAAP is now pleased to announce the complete list of winners for “Best Oral Presentations and Best Posters” awards:

Best Oral Presentations

Horse Study Commission: “ROH as hint of selection in the genome of a modern sport horse breed

  1. Ablondi et al.

Nutrition Study Commission: “Mushroom versus mycotoxins in food and feed: mushroom metabolites in control and detoxification, J. Loncar et al.

Insects Study Commission: “Early prediction of final harvest for the mealworm, D. Deruytter et al.

Cattle Study Commission: “Effects of heat stress in dairy cattle on the performance of their offspring, A. De Vries et al.

Pig Study Commission: Immunocastration, avoiding teeth clipping and tail docking improve piglets production and welfare, L. Morgan et al.

Physiology Study Commission: “Study of the MaSC/progenitors committed to the development of the bovine mammary gland, L. Finot et al.

Sheep and Goat Study Commission. “Genome-wide structure and dynamics of Nubian goats from Northeast Africa”, N. Khayatzadeh et al.

Precision Livestock Farming Study Commission.A new method of monitoring body temperature in horses with microchip, S. Benoist at al.

Livestock Farming System Study Commission:Past intensification of livestock led to mixed benefits for social and environmental sustainability, J.P.Domingues at al.

Health and Welfare and Genetic Study Commission: “Breeding for high natural antibody levels reduces impact of E.coli (APEC) challenge in chickens, T.V.L. Berghof at al.


Best Posters

Insects Study Commission: “Morphology and localization of carbonic anhydrase in the digestive tract of the house cricket, E. Thorsson at al.

Genetic Study Commission: “Estimation of inbreeding and effective population size in Simmental cattle using genomic information, N. Karapandža at all.

-This Poster also won the Rommert Politiek Award as Best Poster for Dubrovnik 2018-

Nutrition Study Commission: “Dose effects of linseed and rapeseed oils on bovine rumen microbial metabolism in continuous culture, L.P. Broudiscou at all.

Cattle Study Commission: “Breeding values for live weight of dairy cattle, C. Fuerst et al.

Pig Study Commission: “Comparison of classical, ancestral, partial, and genomic inbreeding to achieve genetic diversity, J. Schäler et al.

Physiology Study Commission: “Acetylation of mitochondrial proteins during negative energy balance,

  1. Garcia Roche et al. 

Sheep and Goat Study Commission: “Immune cell profiles associated with resistance against Haemonchus contortus in Morada Nova sheep, C.H. Okino at al.

Precision Livestock Farming Study Commission: “Association of BCS with backfat and longissimus dorsi muscle thickness in transition Holstein cows, N. Siachos at al.

Health & Welfare Study Commission: “Early detection of tail biting from behavioural changes in finisher pigs, M.L.V. Larsen at al.

Livestock Farming Systems Study Commission: “Scandinavian beef production models explored on efficiency on producing human edible protein, C. Swensson et al.

Horse Study Commission: “Genetic and phenotype variation of Croatian Posavina horse, A. Ivanković et al.