Session 57

Best presentation:

“Interdigital hyperplasia in Holstein cows: A highly underestimated and strongly hereditary disease”

Swalve, H.H.; Rosner, F.; Gauggel, I.; Pijl, R.; Wensch-Dorendorf, M.; Zhang, X.; Brenig, B.

Best poster:

“Genetic relationship between foot and claw health traits and lameness in Czech Holstein cattle”

Zavadilová, L.; Krupová, Z.; Kašná, E.

Session 8

Best presentation:

“Impact of animal handling on the stress status of Rubia Gallega beef cattle: study of apoptosis”

C. Fuente-Garcia, N. Aldai, E. Sentandreu, D. Franco and M.A. Sentandreu”

Best poster:

“A validated ELISA method for detecting differences in feather corticosterone between turkey lines”

E.M. Leishman, N. Freeman, A. Newman, N. Van Staaveren, B.J. Wood, A. Harlander and C.F. Baes”

Session 44

Best presentation:

“Development and test of a new platform for sustainability assessment of pasture-based animal systems”

Teixeira, R.F.M.; Reis, M.; Valada, T.; Gama, I.; Domingos, T.; Palma, J.; Rodrigues, N.R.; Morais, T.G.

Session 68

Best presentation:

“Automated grading of eye muscle area and intramuscular fat in Australian beef ”

Stewart, S.M.; Pethick, D.W.; Mcgilchrist, P.; Toft, H.; Gardner, G.E.; Lauridsen, T.; Christensen, M.

Best poster:

 “Feasibility of visible-near infrared spectroscopy to discriminate between steer and bull beef”

Moran, L.; Moloney, A.P.; Aldai, N.; Barron, L.J.R.