During the 2022 EAAP Annual Meeting (Porto, Portugal, 5th-9th of September 2022), the EAAP Study Commission evaluated posters and presentations given by researchers who attended the congress. EAAP is now pleased to announce the list of winners for “Best Oral Presentations and Best Posters” awards:

Commission: PHYSIOLOGY

Best Presentation:

Comparative lipidomics profiling in porcine colostrum exosomes versus mature milk exosomes

R. Furioso Ferreira

Commission: NUTRITION

Best Presentation:

Evaluation of pre-transport feeding strategies in bull calves’ performance and gut permeability

L. Pisoni, S. Marti, A.M. Bassols, Y. Saco, J. Pujols, N. Gómez and M. Devant

Commission: CATTLE

Best Poster:

Identification and expression profiling of miRNAs linked to early life performance in dairy cattle

M.K. MacLeay, G. Banos and F.X. Donadeu

Best Presentation:

The role of pasture use intensity for ecosystem services in alpine pastures

C.M. Pauler, H. Homburger, A. Lüscher, M. Scherer-Lorenzen and M.K. Schneider

Commission: GENETIC

Best Poster:

Litter size variability in a divergent selected mice population for birth weight variability

El-Ouazizi El-Kahia, L.; Formoso-Rafferty, N.; Cervantes, I.; Gutiérrez, J.P.

Best Presentation:

Genotypic interaction between gametes: mate incompatibility in dairy cattle

F. Martin, A.A.A.; Id-Lahoucine, S.; Fonseca, P.A.S.; Rochus, C.M.; Alcantara, L.; Tulpan, D.; Leblanc, S.; Miglior, F.; Casellas, J.; Cánovas, A.; Baes, C.F.; Schenkel, F.S.

Commission: INSECTS

Best Presentation:

Nanopore-based diagnostics and surveillance of pathogens in mass-reared insects

F.S. Lim, J. Gonzalez Cabrera, R.G. Kleespies, J.A. Jehle and J.T. Wennmann


Best Poster:

The keys it Reine Mathilde’s success, a development program for the organic dairy sector

D. Neumeister and C. Evrat Georgel

Best Presentation:

Territorial-scale trade-offs of livestock performance: cattle diet competition perspective

L. Wang, F. Accationo, C. Pinsard, L. Pullet, P. Lescoat

Commission: PIG

No winners

Commission: SHEEP AND GOAT

Best Poster:

Genetic and nongenetic variation of fertility parameters in Comisana and Massese sheep

Floridia, V.; Buonaiuto, G.; Mammi, L.M.E.; Grande, S.; Biffani, S.; Visentin, G.

Best Presentation:

A model of energy allocation to predict adaptive capacities in meat sheep

Douhard, F.; Dubreuil, G.; Lobón, S.; Joy, M.; Puillet, L.; Friggens, N.C.; Lurette, A.

Commission: HORSE

Best Poster:

Digitalization in equine management

L.T. Speidel

Best Presentation:

Show attendance is heritable in Belgian Draft Horses: possible implications for breeding against CPL

Meyermans, R.; Gorssen, W.; Reynaert, E.; Chapard, L.; Buys, N.; Janssens, S.