C-Lock Inc.TM and Labogena are new EAAP Industry Club Members

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January 16, 2024

We are pleased to announce that the EAAP Industry Club welcomes two new members: C-Lock Inc.TM and Labogena! 

C-Lock Inc.TM is a USA based company that utilizes cutting-edge science and engineering to monitor, analyse, and control cattle biological parameters. Through a systematic approach that incorporates intelligent data-mining techniques, measurements, and numerical modelling, C-lock products can detect problems that lower efficiency and productivity.  The company focuses on agricultural practices but also has experience in measuring emissions related to energy production. The GreenFeed system measures methane and metabolic carbon dioxide emissions from ruminants such as cattle to provide farmers and ranchers with real-time data to document improvements in feed efficiency and lower methane emission losses. The C-Lock Inc. staff of talented scientists, engineers, and technical personnel are eager to provide their expertise to support livestock industry. 

Labogena is a French industrial genotyping and sequencing site for animal and plant species. LABOGENA was created in 1994 as an extension to the genetic analyses performed on animals by INRAE. High-tech resources like the high throughput genotyping platform and its expert workers have made the laboratory a benchmark in the world of biotechnology. The laboratory has done more than 300,000 analyses a year, 54% of which were in the bovine sector. Its areas of analysis are lineage, determining genes of interest, genetic anomalies and diseases, genotyping, LABOGENA is also a considerable resource when it comes to preparing for the future: the laboratory is already working on future solutions such as new generation DNA sequencing techniques.