Climate Care Dairy farming seminar at Porto meeting and follow-up in Lyon

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June 13, 2023

In Porto a seminar, jointly organized by EAAP, ADSA, and the EU-project CCCfarming, provided participants with a platform to explore diverse approaches for mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in dairy farming. The presentations showcased a range of solutions implemented at the animal or farm level to reduce methane, ammonia, and carbon footprint. These included measures such as crossbreeding, innovative feeds and additives, optimized protein levels in diets, improved housing systems, efficient manure management, and promotion of grasslands and mixed farming. The discussions highlighted the necessity for long-term assessments of different practices and their systemic impacts, including reproduction and other traits. Farmers’ varying levels of knowledge and the need for broader engagement were recognized, along with the importance of framing socio-economic studies effectively. The changing risk profiles due to extreme weather events and the potential integration of investments to mitigate heat stress and reduce emissions were also explored. Despite the increasing global emissions from livestock, the seminar demonstrated the availability of tools and mitigation approaches. However, the integration of these solutions in a practical and systemic context poses challenges. Policymakers were urged to develop goal-based policies, foster partnerships, and create a roadmap to incentivize innovation. The importance of considering farmers’ perspectives, including economic viability, workload, and acceptability of solutions, was emphasized. The seminar concluded on a positive note, highlighting the dairy sector’s active engagement in innovations and the existence of viable solutions.  A follow-up 1– and 1/2-day climate care dairy farming seminar will be held at EAAP Lyon, again with a wide variety of input and know-how from Europe and elsewhere