Deadline to apply for Study Commissions delayed!

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August 4, 2020

EAAP is glad to announce the decision to re-open the applications for the open positions of the Management Boards of every Study Commission! The new deadline to apply is October 15th. Do not miss this second opportunity to join the EAAP Commissions!
Open Positions are:

COMMISSION                                                                      VACANT POSITIONS
NUTRITION                                                                                 1 Secretary
GENETIC                                                                                      2 Vice Presidents + 1 Industry Repr
LFS                                                                                                 1 Secretary
SHEEP AND GOAT                                                                    1 President + 1 Vice President +1 Secretary
HORSE                                                                                          1 President +1 Vice President
PHYSIOLOGY                                                                              1 President + 1 Secretary
PLF                                                                                                 1 President +2 Vice Presidents + 2 Secretaries +2 Industry Representatives
INSECTS                                                                                       1 Secretary + 1 Industry Representative



Please submit the application form and CV by email to