EAAP Best Oral Presentations and Best Posters awards 2021

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November 9, 2021

During the last EAAP Annual Meeting (Davos, Switzerland, 30th August 2021- 3rd September 2021), nine EAAP Study Commissions evaluated posters and presentations given by researchers who attended the congress. EAAP is now pleased to announce the list of winners for “Best Oral Presentations and Best Posters” awards:

Physiology Commission

  • Best Poster: “Idiopathic male subfertility in a Holstein Friesian AI bull: a case study.” O’Callaghan, E.; Kenny, D.A.; Stiavnicka, M.; Lonergan, P.; Eivers, B.; Fair, S.; O’Meara, C.
  • Best Presentation: “Impact of the ratio of ω6:ω3 fatty acids in the maternal diet on milk pig exosome proteome profiles.” Furioso Ferreira, R.F.F.; Sylvester, M.S.; Blees, T.B.; Savoini, G.S.; Buness, A.B.; Sauerwein, H.S.; Agazzi, A.A.; Shakeri, F.S.; Mrljak, V.M.


Nutrition Commission

  • Best Poster: “Condensed tannins from Sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia): Effects on in vitro ruminal parameters.” Baila, C.; Joy, M.; Casasús, I.; Lobón, S.; Blanco, M.
  • Best Presentation: “Can we alter the microbial composition in bovine colostrum through the dry period ration?” Van Hese, I.; Goossens, K.; Opsomer, G.; Vandaele, L.


Cattle Commission

  • Best Poster: “Titanium dioxide as digestibility marker – Between and within cow variation in faecal concentrations.” Giagnoni, G.; Lund, P.; Johansen, M.; Weisbjerg, M.R.
  • Best Presentation: “Grazing with robust cattle breeds: an opportunity to sustainably use mountain grassland.” Pauler, C.M.; Schneider, M.K.

Genetic Commission

  • Best Poster: “The impact of parent-of-origin effects on the variation in milk production traits.” Jahnel, R.E.; Blunk, I.; Reinsch, N.; Täubert, H.
  • Best Presentation: “Optimised core subset construction for the APY model.” Pocrnic, I.; Lindgren, F.; Gorjanc, G.

Insects Commission

  • Best Poster: “Can agro-based wastes be a sustainable approach to improve soil health and productivity?” Malheiro, C.; Loureiro, S.; M. V. M. Soares, A.; Morgado, R.G.; Murta, D.
  • Best Presentation: “Deciphering the evolutionary history of the black soldier fly, Hermetia illucens, on a global scale.” Sandrock, C.; Blanckenhorn, W.U.; Kaya, C.; Wohlfahrt, J.; Kapun, M.

Livestock Farming Systems Commission

  • Best Poster: “Differences in nutrient use efficiency and food-feed competition among Chinese dairy farms.” Wang, Y.; De Boer, I.J.M.; Van Middelaar, C.E.
  • Best Presentation: “A partial life cycle assessment of smallholder livestock systems in Western Kenya.” Ndung’u, P.W.; Butterbach-Bahl, K.B.; Takahashi, T.; Merbold, L.; Robertson-Dean, M.R.; McAuliffe, G.A.; Du Toit, C.J.L.; Goopy, J.P.

Pig Commission

  • Best Poster: “Effect of an arginine supplementation in gestation and lactation on sow performances over two cycles.” Girard, M.; Stoll, P.; Bee, G.; Maïkoff, M.
  • Best Presentation: “Preliminary results on the effect of keeping pigs in home environment post weaning.” Winters, J.F.M.; Kobek-Kjeldager, C.; Pedersen, L.J.; Foldager, L.

Sheep and Goat Commission 

  • Best Poster: “Evaluation of Avocado (Persea americana, Laureceae) by-products for Ruminants Feeding.” Martín-García, I.; Yáñez-Ruiz, D.R.; Belanche, A.; Romero, P.; Palma-Hidalgo, J.M.
  • Best Presentation: Influence of heat synchronization and feeding programs on reproductive performances of Awassi sheep.” Jarrouj, P.; Wehbe, S.; El Balaa, R.; Hosheimy, K.

Horse Commission

  • Best Poster: “Are conformation characteristics of Pura Raza Española adult horses predictable?” Perdomo-González, D.I.; Valera, M.; Sánchez-Guerrero, M.J.; Gómez, M.D.; Molina, A.
  • Best Presentation: “Estimation of genetic parameters for “early life” jumping traits in the Belgian Warmblood horse.” Chapard, L.; Meurrens, I.; Janssens, S.; Buys, N.