EAAP Council and Scientific Committee meetings

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April 4, 2023

The Council of EAAP plays a critical role in setting the organization’s direction and ensuring that it is fulfilling its mission. One of the Council meetings is regularly held every year in March, in conjunction with the Scientific Committee meeting to discuss
ongoing projects, evaluate progress, and make decisions about the organization’s future. At the recent EAAP Council meeting, members discussed several important issues. One of the primary topics was the planning of the upcoming conference to be held in Lyon in August 2023. Council members reviewed practical organizations and also the challenges that EAAP is facing for having the largest ever number of submitted abstracts. They
also discussed ways to promote the conference and how to facilitate attendance. Another
important issue discussed at the EAAP Council meeting was the organization’s future plans to offer services to members. They evaluated proposals for new projects and programs, considering their potential impact and cost. Furthermore, there were
important updates and discussions from the two Council groups, one dealing with re-thinking the EAAP scientific structure and the other to look for new sources of income. In addition to these specific topics, the Council meeting provided an opportunity for members to discuss broader issues affecting the scientific community. Overall,
the EAAP Council meeting was a productive and informative session. Their discussions and decisions will help to shape the direction of the organization and advance its mission in the years to come.