EAAP - Opportunities of Sponsorship

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October 5, 2020
2020 EAAP Annual Meeting will be, for the first time, virtual. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic  all scientific meetings had been cancelled or delayed or transformed in virtual conferences. As you already know, EAAP decided to hold a virtual meeting in 1-4 December.
Two are the positive facts that you, as supporter of EAAP activities, have to know.
The first is that we are having an incredibly large participation, much larger than expected. Based on the early registration figures, we assume that there will be at least 1500 participants attending the four days of the 2020 EAAP Annual Meeting.
The second interesting circumstance is that EAAP will use a professional IT platform that is suited to offer opportunities for sponsors. The IT platform is perfectly organized to offer visibility and opportunities to meet participants at the conference. It is a brand-new offer,
fitting well for virtual conferences, but that we are still developing in the best way to offer you
great opportunities.
Please consider joining the 2020 EAAP in a new fashion and with different opportunities.

We will let you know so that you will be fully informed about the new offered possibilities by the end of October, be ready to make your company important part of the 2020 EAAP annual meeting