EAAP reaches major milestone with 5000 individual members!

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May 9, 2023

In a major milestone, we can announce that EAAP has reached 5000 individual members. This accomplishment highlights the increased growth and significance of the society as a leading organization for animal scientists and researchers. Founded in 1949, EAAP-the European Federation of Animal Science Scientific Society has been dedicated to advancing scientific research and knowledge in animal production through its various initiatives and programs. The society has been actively engaged in promoting collaboration among scientists and researchers, providing platforms for scientific discussions and exchange of ideas, and organizing conferences, workshops, and seminars on various scientific topics. Over the years, the society has grown in both size and scope, attracting new members from Europe and other parts of the world and representing a wide range of scientific disciplines. The society’s membership includes scientists, technicians, students, educators, and professionals from the various fields of animal science and livestock industry. The society plan to celebrate this milestone with increasing the quantity and the quality of services to its members. Therefore, please continue to follow this Newsletter and our Socials! In addition to the 5000 individual members, just in these days we also reached 5000 followers on LinkedIn! The society also aims to expand its membership base and continue to support and promote scientific research and education. As EAAP keeps growing and thriving, it remains a vital organization for the animal science international community, providing opportunities for researchers and technicians to connect, collaborate, and advance knowledge in their respective fields.