EAAP stand at ASAS annual meeting

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July 12, 2022

EAAP had a stand at ASAS annual meeting held in Oklahoma City (USA) on June 26th – 30th.
The meeting was very interesting with several outstanding scientific sessions. EAAP had, through the stand offered by ASAS, opportunities to disseminate about the many EAAP services and proposing our individual memberships to local participants. Further information about Porto 2022 and Lyon 2023 EAAP Annual Meetings were communicated with the goal to attract participation from scientists coming from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, we were able to organize meetings with potential sponsors.

Picture – From left to right: Andrea Rosati, Jim Sartin (Editor in Chief of “Animal Frontiers” and Past ASAS President) and Meghan WulsterRadcliffe (ASAS Secretary General)