Election of Presidents of Study Commissions

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November 8, 2022

After the meetings in Porto, the EAAP General Assembly elected five Presidents of Study Commissions. Three of them were renewed and began their second and last threeyears term. They are Michael Lee (United Kingdom) for the Livestock Farming System SC, Luciano Pinotti (Italy) for the Nutrition SC and Sam Millet (Belgium) for the Pig SC. Two new Presidents were instead elected for their first terms of office: Laura Gasco (Italy) elected President of the Insects SC and Laura Boyle (Ireland) as new President for the Health and Welfare SC. Laura Boyle has already lead during the last year the Health and Welfare Study Commission although not formally elected President therefore, she has already experience in this role. All new Presidents are aware of their
responsibilities for servicing the European animal science network and we wish them good work and successful terms of office as Presidents of EAAP Study Commissions.


Sam Millet
  Laura Gasco


 Michael Lee

  Laura Boyle


Luciano Pinotti