Great news from EAAP journals

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July 12, 2022

EAAP journals, animal and Animal Frontiers, are performing very well, as we can read from the recent analysis of Impact Factor. animal, the international journal of animal biosciences has been recognised with a 2021 Impact Factor of 3.730 (previously 3.240), ranking 8/63 in the Agriculture, Dairy & Animal Science category (previously 9/63) and 10/144 in the Veterinary Science Category (previously 15/146).
Even a bigger step forward has been done by Animal Frontiers, reaching an Impact factor of 6,762 that put this journal as 2nd in the 63 ranked journals of Agriculture, Dairy & Animal Science category. EAAP is very pleased to thank the authors, readers and editorial boards of its journals, owned in cooperation with other relevant scientific societies, and wishes to underline that our “winning strategy” is to continue to offer the most scientifically rigorous publication approach.