Greece is again member of EAAP

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May 23, 2023

We are thrilled to share some wonderful news with all of you: after almost ten years, we are delighted to announce that Greece re-joined EAAP. Please join us in extending a warm thank to the Greek National Union of Agricultural Cooperatives (ETHEAS) that took the duty to allow the Greek animal science network to join their European colleagues. As many of you are aware, Greece had played a significant role in our federation’s history, contributing valuable resources and expertise to our collective efforts, including two annual meetings, in Khalkidhiki in 1985, and more recently, in 2010, in Crete. Their unwavering dedication to our shared mission and their commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation have always been commendable.
By facilitating the re-joining to EAAP of Greece, the National Union of Agricultural Cooperatives affirms their trust in our collective and continental vision. We are confident that the return of the Greek animal science network will invigorate our federation, bringing fresh perspectives, renewed energy, and a wealth of knowledge to our shared initiatives. We encourage all of you to reach out and reconnect with our Greek colleagues. Let us take a moment to express our appreciation to the National Union of Agricultural Cooperatives (ETHEAS) represented by the President, Pavlos Satolias, for supporting Greece to re-join our federation. Their decision underscores their unwavering commitment to our common goals and their belief in the transformative impact we can achieve by working together. 


In the picture: Pavlos Satolias, President of ETHEAS, (second from right) and Andrea Rosati, EAAP Secretary General, (third from right) meeting in ETHEAS headquarter in Kalavrita (Greece)