New issue of Animal Frontiers on “Caring of Animals up to End of Life”

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March 22, 2022

Just these days the new issue of Animal Frontiers (open-access journal since the first publication in 2011) was published. Animal Frontiers is a joint effort by five large animal science organization in the world, including EAAP and we are directly responsible to organize one issue per year. The just published issue titled “Caring of Animals up to End of Life” was carried on under the responsibility of EAAP with two French guest editors: Claudia Terlouw and Isabelle Veissier who did a great job to collect invited articles on this specific subject from among the best authors worldwide. Very interesting is the discussion between the American philosopher and animal
rights activist Gary Francione (speaker at EAAP Plenary Session in 2019) and the zootechnician and sociologist, Jocelyne Porcher, French researcher at INRAE. Click here to read this enlightening discussion and the other articles.