New members of the EAAP Study Commissions

September 28, 2021

During the meetings held in Davos the “open positions” in the Study Commissions were filled with new elected scientists. The proposals discussed at the Study Commissions meetings were later analysed by the Council and then the new members of the Study Commissions were finally elected. As we already informed you in a previous Newsletter, the new Presidents of the Genetic and of the Cattle Study Commissions will be elected, as provided by the Statute, by the General Assembly. The Health and Welfare Study Commission has the
President position still open and the election was postponed to next year. The entire list of new Study Commissions members:

  • NUTRITION:  Daniele Bonvicini (Industry Rep); Geert Bruggeman (Industry Rep); Susanne Kreuzer-Redmer (Young Club);
  • SHEEP AND GOAT: Antonello Cannas (Secretary);
  • HORSE: Isabelle Cervantes Navarro (Vice President); Pasquale De Palo (Secretary); Jackie Tapprest (Secretary);
  • PHYSIOLOGY: Alan Kelly (Secretary); Federico Randi (Industry Rep); Olaia Urrutia (Young Club); Kate Keogh (Young Club);
  • INSECTS: David Deruytter (Secretary);
  • HEALTH AND WELFARE: Giulietta Minozzi (Vice President); Flaviana Gottardo (Vice President);
  • CATTLE: Galama Paul (Vice President); Joel Berard (Vice President); Jean Francois Hoquette (Secretary);
  • PIG: Giuseppe Bee (Vice President); Katarzyna Stadnicka (Secretary); Katja Nilsson (Secretary).