News from EAAP Davos 2021: Ruminant Tour

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June 17, 2021

On our way to the agricultural stations of the tour, we will take the opportunity to visit the stunning historic railway viaduct (UNESCO World Heritage) in Wiesen.
Alp Parpan is situated at around 1550m above sea level. It is the mountain estate of the agricultural centre Plantahof with around 50 dairy cows and 100 heifers grazing on the pastures during summer. We will learn about traditional alpine farming and cheese making in the modern show cheese dairy, where the cows milk is processed.
Plantahof wants to be a recognised centre for future-oriented, targeted training and further education; and a place of interesting and profitable encounters between the farming and nonfarming population. The training, trial and demonstration farm is diverse. It takes into account all production directions and almost all livestock species. It serves the needs of education and extension and aims to maximise the benefits for agricultural practice.
Brown Swiss cattle breeding is part of the tradition and serves as a showcase for Swiss dairy cattle breeding.
The collaboration with “Braunvieh Schweiz” – one of EAAP2021- Gold sponsors – is important.
Braunvieh Schweiz Cooperative is the service centre for Brown Swiss, Original Braunvieh, Jersey, Grauvieh and Hinterwälder cattle breeders. It works in the areas of herd bookkeeping, milk recording, breeding and management. It offers modern, high-quality and
affordable services with high benefits for our customers. With these activities it contributes to an economic and sustainable cattle production in Switzerland. In addition, Braunvieh Schweiz promotes the development and dissemination of Brown Swiss cattle as an efficient breed in the whole world.
Brown Swiss is the cow for forward-thinking farmers who seek long-term profitability, produce milk in an authentic and reliable way, and care for animal well-being. In shorter terms; your smart choice for high quality farming!

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