NOVUS Award winner 2022

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September 20, 2022

The NOVUS award aims to recognize the excellence in dairy research and innovation carried out by young scientists in the very different fields of application. The award is given by both EAAP and ADSA every year and the EAAP winner is supported by NOVUS International to participate to the following year ADSA Annual Meeting, and vice versa for the ADSA winner. In 2022 the EAAP decided to broaden the selection process allowing everyone who is young enough and present a paper at the annual meeting on dairy topics to participate. Finally, we received 65 candidatures, 14 of them were pre-selected by the Study Commissions and those were evaluated in Porto by a jury that determined the winner. EAAP is very pleased to inform that the 2022 NOVUS Award recipient is Nicolas Gafsi from INRAE (France), with his presentation “Dynamic interplay between reproduction, milk production and body reserves in Alpine goats”. Nicolas will be recognized next year during the Welcome and Award Ceremony at 2023 EAAP in Lyon (France) and will be supported by NOVUS International to attend the 2023 ADSA Annual Meeting in Ottawa (Canada). Congratulations Nicolas! And thanks to NOVUS for the support to young scientists!