Plenary Session on “Coexistence of wildlife and livestock”

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August 31, 2022

On Tuesday morning, September 6th, during the 2022 Annual Meeting in Porto will be held the traditional EAAP Plenary Session chaired by the President, Isabel Casasús about, the cohabitation of wildlife and livestock animals. The event, beginning at 9:00 Portuguese time, will be disseminated live on the EAAP YouTube Channel and will be presented while no other sessions will take place. The first speaker of the Plenary Session, Francesca Cagnacci (Italy), will set up the scene by describing the current situation of wildlife in Europe. Then, Christian Gortazar (Spain) will describe the delicate issue of sanitary problems caused by the coexistence of wildlife and domestic species. The possible management of coexistence through modern technologies will be detailed by Klemen Jerina (Slovenia) and finally Ketil Skorgen (Norway) will tackle another delicate and important issue: the many aspects of social acceptance of keeping wildlife and of farming animals. The final part of the Plenary Session will be dedicated to questions and answers. Participants to the Plenary Session will have the opportunity to experience another crucial moment of the EAAP Annual Meeting: the presentation from the Leroy Award recipient. This year the most prestigious EAAP award was offered to Frédéric Leroy (Belgium) who will give a speech on “Animal Source Foods and the Nature-Culture Divide”. Dr Leroy graduated as a Bioengineer in 1998 and obtained a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 2002, where he now holds a professorship in food science and (bio)technology. His current research deals with food processing and microbiology, human nutrition, and ‘cultural food studies’, with a particular expertise in the field of animal source foods. He is a member of many academic societies, and he also serves on the Scientific Board of World Farmers’ Organization (WFO), FAO/COAG Sub-Committee on Livestock, and Danone Institute Belgium, among others. We believe that all participants in Porto will take the chance to enjoy the 2022 Plenary Session onsite or through the EAAP YouTube Channel.