EAAP, as leading European organization of animal science, produces journals and Newsletter to disseminate livestock research and to keep updated its members.

The EAAP members are researchers, industry representatives, consultants, teachers, policy makers, farmers.

EAAP informs its members, through journals and Newsletter all members having interests in genetic, nutrition, physiology, farming system, precision farming, health, for all farmed species.

There is no better way to remain up to date on important advances in the animal science than having access to EAAP journals and Newsletters.

Every publication of EAAP is available as part of the EAAP membership package.

Flash eNews: the EAAP Newsletter

To be updated on all important news about animal science and European livestock industry, you must read Flash eNews!

To be able to read the Newsletter you must be an EAAP individual member.
If you are an Individual Member you can access the Members Area where you can find all the Newsletters.


animal journal

A monthly international journal of animal bioscience publishing original, cutting-edge research and reviews

advances_in animal biosciences

Advances in Animal Biosciences

An associated publication to the journal animal. It aims to publish high-quality conference, symposium and workshop proceedings about animal-related aspects of the life sciences


Animal Frontiers

Discussion and position papers that present several international perspectives on the status of high-impact, global issues in animal agriculture. Every issue explores a theme of broad and current interest within animal science and animal agriculture.

WAAP Newsletters

The Newsletter of the World Association for Animal Production is published quarterly. The Newsletter contains information from all WAAP members.

To be able to read the Newsletter you must be a member of one of the associated members of WAAP. If you are Individual Member of EAAP, you will automatically receive the WAAP Newsletter.

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