The following is the list of the books published in the EAAP Technical Series:

102009The cattle sector in Central and Eastern Europe: Developments and opportunities in a time of transition.Edited by K.J. Peters, A. Kuipers, M.G. Keane and A. Dimitriadou. Wageningen Academic Publishers.
92007EU beef farming systems and CAP regulations. Edited byPatrick Sarzeaud , Andie Dimitriadou and Milan Zjalic. Wageningen Academic Publishers.
82006Farm management and extension needs in CEE under the restriction of the EU milk quota. Edited by A. Kuipers , M. Klopčič and A. Svitojus. Wageningen Academic Publishers.
72003Interactions between climate and animal production.Edited byN. Lacetera , U. Bernabucci , H.H. Khalifa , B. Ronchi and A. Nardone. Wageningen Academic Publishers.
62003Working animals in agriculture and transport: A collection of some current research and development observations.Edited by R. A. Pearson , P. Lhoste , M. Saastamoinen and W. Martin-Rosset. Wageningen Academic Publishers.
52004Foot-and-Mouth Disease: new values, distinct routes (workshop).Edited by: A.J. van der Zijpp , M.J.E. Braker , C.H.A.M. Eilers , H. Kieft , T.A. Vogelzang and S.J. Oosting. Wageningen Academic Publishers.
42003Image of the Cattle Sector and its Products: Role of Breeders Association (proceedings of seminar Verona). Edited by J. Boyazoglu. Wageningen Academic Publishers.
32003Livestock Farming Systems in Central and Eastern Europe.Edited by A. Gibon and S. Mihina. Wageningen Academic Publishers.
22001The future of livestock breeding and service organisations.  Future Structure and privatisation with special reference to CEE countries. Edited by J. Hodges and M. Zjalic. Wageningen Academic Publishers.
12000Protein feed for animal production in Central and Eastern Europe.Edited by C. Février, A. Aumaitre, F. Habe, T. Vares and M. Zjalic. Wageningen Pers.