EAAP Restricted Area - enjoy the new platform!

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May 3, 2021

We are extremely pleased to announce to all of our member  a new service offered by EAAP to all its members: the Restricted Site, reserved only to EAAP members.

This site will enable you to enjoy all services offered by EAAP. It is also a tool to communicate with your colleagues animal scientists, to create and participate to scientific groups, to join blogs, etc. In the restricted site you will also find the Books of Abstracts of the past 12 years, the last year Newsletters, most of the presentations performed at last Annual Meeting, the videos of the EAAP webinars, and much more!

Since you are EAAP individual member, this service is offered to you for free.

We suggest you to become familiar with this new tool so that you can learn the many different facets and related options. Please enter and make yourself comfortable with all available services. You should create your own profile, then look around at the existing groups and, if you wish,  create a new group for future internal exchange of information, documents, blogs, etc.

The groups are more or less the same as for our Study Commissions and Working Groups, but you are free to create new ones, of course. It is also advisable to invite other scientists to join and then to make the groups working.

To enter go to https://members.eaap.org/ , then you are asked to include your mail, that is already in the system, and the password that actually is not in the system. Therefore, click on “Lost your Password” that enables you to create your own password. 

If you will encounter any technical problems, please open the specific page ( https://members.eaap.org/support ), you will receive support in short time. Also, send comments and suggestions at eaap@eaap.org if any, so that we will be able to improve the system.

We just can’t wait to welcome you in the Restricted Site and to see you using the related services.

In summary:

  • Go to https://members.eaap.org/ , then include your mail. Click on “Lost your Password” that enables you to create your own password.
  • Edit your profile
  • Explore the entire site to discover the offered services
  • Check the “Resources” and download:
    • the presentations of 2020 EAAP Annual meeting
    • the Books of Abstracts from 2009 up to 2020
    • the video records of the EAAP Webinars
    • the Newsletter’s archive
  • Check the “Members” to see who is online and begin to chat
  • Check the “Groups” and join those of which you are interested

We hope that this new service will encounter your appreciation.