Study finds possible emissions solution in kangaroo feces

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March 9, 2023

Bacteria found in kangaroos could trigger long-lasting reduction in emissions from cattle, study says.

A particular blend of bacteria found in the hindgut of kangaroos could provide a long-lasting solution to methane emissions from cattle, according to a new study out of Washington State University.

Enteric methane emissions from cattle are produced by bacteria called methanogens, microorganisms that eat hydrogen and carbon dioxide in the rumen and release methane. The hydrogen has to go somewhere — too much hydrogen in the rumen will cause upset, according to Birgitte Ahring, a professor of bioengineering at Washington State University. But if you could replace the methanogens with another type of bacteria that also eat hydrogen, Ahring said, you might be able to reduce enteric emissions for extended periods of time.

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